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Biogen is testing a monoclonal antibody which may control lupus symptoms and/or disease activity— including skin manifestations of the disease. If you are interested in learning more about the trial, or determining if you are eligible, click here. 
As I’ve said before and will continue to say for the rest of eternity, clinical trials aren’t for everyone. How a person goes about caring for themselves post diagnosis is entirely and 100% Their Own Business And No One Else’s. My belief is simply that the best patient and/or advocate is an informed one. I think the trickiest part is that staying up to date is no small feat, particularly when brain fog is a component of your illness, and this is precisely why I am excited to offer as many advocacy shortcuts for others in similar shoes as possible. 
If you're having skin problems related to lupus, you may qualify. I already post about studies and research results with their respective implications. I love the idea of being some small part of furthering research, especially because it's hard to keep up with all that's going on when lupus is knockin' ya down. 
I can appreciate that others like me want to be involved in research and advocacy for a variety of reasons, but lack the access to do so because of their disease. That’s a real and often insurmountable hurtle. My hope is endeavors like this one help fold the map and make the distance between You and You Feeling A Little Better that much shorter. Because while hope may be an entity in short supply for the chronically ill, it’s important we never completely lose the ability to dream. 
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